Get »BUDDY« – our radically modular inspection class ROV for a risk-free trial

Challenging the status quo is good – setting a new benchmark is even better

Radically simple maintenance

Reducing downtime to an absolute minimum has never been easier.

Limitless integrations

Following a radically modular approach with an open and accessible network.

Enormous payload

Up to 42 kg of payload (@ 300m depth-rating) set a benchmark in inspection class ROVs.

Fully customizable

The first ROV that can grow and adjust in shape and size.

Unparalleled power

Up to 10 kW for operations even in the harshest conditions.

Ultimate support

Don’t purchase an ROV, purchase access to our full development team to always find solutions for your evolving needs.

We made everything easier – Even how to get your hands on it

Step 1

Tell us more about yourself, your business, and your needs.

Step 2
Get busy

For a successful trial, we aim to work closely with you to ensure all details about fee (cost-covering), terms and conditions are clear and set.

Step 3

We will provide you with your trial BUDDY and be at your service for any questions arising during the trial period.

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