The remote operated towed underwater vehicle (ROTV) for missions with survey and observation tasks

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Facts & Figures

COMPANION is a hydrodynamically optimized, compact and real portable sensor platform for missions with survey and observation tasks. Due to its modularity, the payload capacity and the functional range of the towing head can be quickly adapted to new challenges.

It’s perfect for:

  • Pipeline and submarine cable observation
  • Seabed observation

In-depth information

Hybrid Flettner actuators combine high agility with low drag on the COMPANION. The towing equipment on board the towing vessel can therefore be set up compactly and easily.

Equipped as standard with a pressure-neutral infrastructure, the system is extremely tough and at the same time powerful. The sensor platform offers programmable interfaces for the integration of external sensors, which can be used for all common protocols (e.g. RS232, SPI, UART, Ethernet, I2C, CAN). The compact surface control unit is integrated in container modules and can be powered by a standard car battery (12 VDC).

The low dead weight allows the system to be used with few personnel even on small boats. Furthermore, with its scalability, COMPANION offers sufficient payload capacity for challenging tasks.

Equipped as standard with …

  • Connection/ interface via media converter to Umbilical (COAX + Powerline)
  • Main control unit including 1 GB Ethernet PoE++ switch
    (3x 1 GB Ethernet PoE++ ports free)
  • Stereo camera system (2x full HD cameras, 4x LED spotlights)
  • Sonar
  • Operating and planning software MISSION CONTROL
  • Surface control unit: integrated into a portable container module and includes power supply unit, data-interface, wireless handheld PC with control unit and monitor
  • Requires a 12 VDC or 230 VAC power supply
  • Electrical tether management system with automatic tension control

Technical specifications

Depth Rating (msw)
200 (option 500)
Dimensions (mm)
Length: 2,250
Width: 450
Height: 450
Deadweight on air (kg*)
*1,000 msw depth rating
Payload (kg)
Forces (kgf)
Drag: 30.0 (4 knots)
vertical: 2x 22.5 (4 knots)
Speed (knots)
Motion sensing with magnetic position sensors and accelerometer
Full HD or 4K cam
Input Deck unit: 12 VDC – max. 100 A (option 230 VAC / 50 Hz)
High Output ROTV: 50 VDC – max. 10 A
Low Output ROTV: 2.5-50 VDC (PoE++) – max. 2.2 A
Umbilical: 400 VDC – max. 3 A
Umbilical: 1 GB Ethernet over COAX [max. range 1,000 meter]
ROTV: 1 GB Ethernet with PoE++

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