We do not only walk the extra mile: we also left the beaten paths to develop the best transformable underwater system on the market.

Our company was founded to enable people over and below the sea surface to do their jobs in a better way. We want our customers to work easier, faster and more reliably. To that, we question established practices and have the courage to break new ground. Therefore, we develop and produce tough, ultra modular and intuitive underwater systems, which can be perfectly suited to customers' need – setting new standards in payload, dive depth and flexibilty.






During our studies in the field of shipbuilding and marine technology, at the Department of Marine Technology at the University of Rostock, we imagine a vision for us. This includes the development, production and sale of portable, highly modular and pressure-tolerant underwater equipment carriers. Which can be freely configured according to the needs of the user with the help of intelligent modules. Form, scope and function, as well as the degree of automation should be individually adapted to upcoming challenges. The high modularity of the pressure-tolerant underwater device carrier should enable the user to easily reconfigure and adapt to new challenges in almost all environments at any time. In our student research we study intensively the basics and the prototypical design of pressure-tolerant systems. In extensive tests, we were able to successfully demonstrate the unrestricted function of selected electro-mechanical and electronic components. Designed as pressure-tolerant systems, up to a water depth of 6000 Meter.

From July 2018, Nico Günzel worked for one year as a research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde (IOW). As a student trainee at Kraken Power GmbH in Rostock, Robert Balduhn gained valuable experience in the design and manufacture of pressure-neutral systems. This influences the optimization of our production processes. Currently, Maximilian Heinz works on the prototype design of an opto-electrical, pressure-neutral interface as part of his master’s thesis. The findings are used and developed further for the development of a powerful interface on the equipment carrier.The IOW agreed in March 2019 to provide scientific support for product development as a founding team within the framework of an EXIST scholarship. In May 2019, the submitted application was approved by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). From August 2019, the funding period of 12 months for our project begins. During this time, we will drive the developments, make first prototypes and carry out a functional test.