Designing a fully customisable system means nothing less than every product is built according to your specific needs.

Ducted Propeller DT1900

Your effective ROV propulsion

The DT1900 is a full flooded pressure tolerant designed thruster. Including a 1900W direct driven BLDC-motor, with precision sensors for high efficiency and accuracy at all speeds.


Performances at a glance

  • capsuled BLDC-motor
  • direct driven
  • powerful
  • high efficiency
  • low signature
  • fast replacement of parts
  • wide range of applications

We want to offer a simple and reliable solution for multiple deployments. Through the simplified design, operating, adjustments and maintenance is easy to handle. The Thruster unlocks his full potential up to 600 bar hydrostatic pressure. The fast replacement of propeller, duct and rotor offers you easy adaption to your mission and easy maintenance. The fully capsuled design of the stator and rotor gives you the maximum safety against influences of the salt water. The special design of the bearing guarantees a wide range of operations and long-term reliability. Furthermore, the gear-less, direct driven BLDC-motor has low noise and magnetic signature.

The ducted design of the DT1900 Thruster is made for high thrust for positioning and traveling of an OC- or MSROV or other close-range vehicles. The adaptive design of the rotor allows a wide range of applications in addition to the ROV drive. The motor can also be used to drive other actuators and manipulators. The DT1900 Thruster is in combination with our motor driver DCMC56 a simple solution, but also an easy adaptable propulsion for any other deep-water platform through a wide range of interfaces and protocols.

Full Throttle sym. Propeller Thrust
20Kgf @54V

Full Throttle FWD/RWD Thrust
25kgf / 16kgf @54V

Electrical Operating Voltage

Full Throttle Power

Physical Length

Outer Duct Diameter
max. 260mm

Propeller Diameter
max. 220mm

Weight in Air

Weight in Water

Power Pack

Your reliable energy source

The Power Pack is a pressure tolerant, high safety and rechargeable battery pack based on LiFePo4 technology. A safe and reliable solution of deep-sea energy storage for your mission.


Performances at a glance

  • pressure tolerant
  • high safety
  • LiFePo4 technology
  • efficient Battery-Management-System
  • comprehensive overview of battery-status
  • two different capacity sizes
  • high charge/discharge current

The efficient Battery-Management-System (BMS) with a very low current consumption helps you to secure, manage and maintain your battery for many cycles and a long lifetime. The voltage, capacity and temperature of cells can be monitored. The user interface is easy to handle and gives you a comprehensive overview of battery-status. The simple and pressure tolerant design of our Power Pack unlocks his full potential up to 600 bar hydrostatic pressure. The LiFePo4 technology rises the safety in handling in comparison to the standard lithium batteries. Nevertheless, the PowerPack has a high capacity and we develop two different sizes.

The save and compact design of the Power Pack enables a wide range of usage. You can use the Power Pack as emergency energy storage or as buffer battery for your underwater system through the high current charge and discharge. And also, as a long-term energy storage.

20Ah: 1kWh / 60Ah: 3,2kWh @54V

Electrical Operating Voltage

Charge Current
constant: 30A / peak: 60A

Discharge Current
constant: 60A / peak: 150A

Physical LxHxB
280mm x 260mm x 260mm

Weight in Air

Weight in Water

Motor Controller DCMC56

Your smart control for actuators with Brushless-DC-Motors

The DCMC56 motor controller has a fully pressure tolerant design. It can control two BLDC-motors independently. It is possible to integrate motors with sensor and without sensor.


Performances at a glance

  • pressure tolerant
  • control of two independent BLDC-motors
  • use BLDC-motors like stepper-motors
  • sensor and sensor less mode possible
  • high accuracy and efficiency
  • various command modes

For maximum accuracy and efficiency, we recommend the use of BLDC-motors with integrated sensor to realize the full potential of the DCMC56. The motor controller offers several inputs for communication and a wide input voltage range. Automated protocols allow for adaptation to non-system BLDC-motors.

The DCMC56 provides different types of sensors and enables you to use a BLDC-motor at low speed / high torque and also for positioning. The accuracy of the system depends on the resolution of the angular sensors. You can use the DCMC56 in various command modes, which among other things allow you to use a BLDC motor like a stepper motor. The DCMC56 is a simple and easy to integrate solution through a wide range of interfaces and protocols. Furthermore, it is possible to control other types of actuators with this motor controller. For example, manipulators for the deep sea.

Electrical Operating Voltage

up to 5kW 2,5kW / thruster

Physical Diameter
260mm (fitting as module)

Physical Height
max. 100mm (half-module)

Weight in Air

Weight in Water

Container Module C260

Your smart FRAMEWORK

The standardized C260 module forms the basis of our highly transformable, adaptable and variable support structure for your future underwater systems.


Performances at a glance

  • truly transformable
  • quick and easy to expand
  • divisible and reconfigurable
  • integration of active and/or passive functional modules
  • modular hydrodynamic cover C260 Hydro Hull with additional options
  • highly resilient
  • high stiffness
  • pressure tolerant
  • light and portable

The C260 module can safely accommodate up to six active and/or passive function modules via separate bayonet locks. For example of passive function modules, you can add standard buoyancy and dead weight modules for hydrostatic balancing your underwater system. Furthermore, for applications in currents, the structure can be equipped with our modular hydrodynamic shell, the C260 Hydro Hull, which can accommodate further function modules via separate bayonet locks.

This system consists of only five different basic components and allows you to quickly and easily configure and reconfigure your individual adaptable platform for your next underwater system, perfectly adapted to your needs and requirements. Highly resilient and designed to reliably withstand the extreme environmental conditions of the deep sea. In order to expand your adaptable support structure, each module can be connected safely and easily with further C260 using the “bridges” connecting elements supplied.

The high stiffness and strength of the modules are achieved by the special design and allow loads of more than 200kg per module. (Note: To ensure good manageability/portability, the dead weight per assembled module should not exceed 50kg) As standard, the module is manufactured from heavy-duty polymer by injection moulding. This polymer is resistant to seawater, UV radiation, oil and other chemicals. Other polymers such as PEAK, POM, PET is also available on request. In addition, if particularly high demands are made on strength and rigidity, it is possible to mill parts of the module from seawater-resistant aluminum (AlMg3). These parts are hard anodized before delivery in order to prevent crevice corrosion, and thus further increase resistance to seawater.

Dead Weight of Module in Air
3.1kg (including all fasteners)

Dead Weight of Module in Fresh Water
0.4kg (including all fasteners)

Load Capacity
>200kg / module

Outside Dimensions
310mm x 310mm x 310mm

Inside Dimensions
1x diameter 260mm x 310mm (cylinder)
4x diameter 260mm x 25mm (cylinder)

10 liter / module

Hydro Hull C260

Your functional, hydrodynamic add on

The standardized Hydro Hull C260 is designed to extend the C260 module and allows you to hydro-dynamically optimize your underwater system with a robust and adaptable hull.


Performances at a glance

  • standardized extension for the C260 module
  • hydrodynamic optimized
  • robust and adaptable
  • integration of active and/or passive functional modules
  • handles and anchor points for lifting and moving
  • massive plastic feet avoid suction at the seabed
  • highly resilient

The Hydro Hull is available in two standard sizes (A: with 25mm high and B: with 150mm high). Additionally, the Hydro Hull can be equipped with passive and/or active function modules. For this purpose, the function modules are quickly and safely inserted into the Hydro Hull via a bayonet lock or removed again. For example, of passive function modules, you can implement our standardized buoyancy modules into the hull, which significantly increases the payload capacity of your underwater system. For a better manageability of your underwater system during transport and maneuvering on deck, handles, massive plastic feet and anchor points for lifting and moving the underwater system can be attached to the Hydro Hull. Each anchor point can carry a load of at least 200kg. For more informations about the lifting capacities and anchor points, please see here.

As standard, the Hydro Hull C260 is manufactured from heavy-duty polymer by injection moulding. This polymer is resistant to seawater, UV radiation, oil and other chemicals. Other polymers such as PEAK, POM, PET is also available on request.

Standard Size A

Outside Dimensions
310mm x 310mm x 25mm

Inside Dimensions
diameter 260mm x 25mm (cylinder)

Dead Weight of Module in Air
0.4kg (including all fasteners)

Dead Weight of Module in Fresh Water
0.1kg (including all fasteners)


Standard size B

Outside Dimensions
310mm x 310mm x 150mm

Inside Dimensions
diameter 260mm x 150mm (cylinder)

Dead Weight of Module in Air
1.2kg (including all fasteners)

Dead Weight of Module in Fresh Water
0.3kg (including all fasteners)

Buoyancy Modules

Your balancing system

Our standardized buoyancy modules are available in two different sizes. They can be used for your underwater system to generate additional buoyancy and to hydrostatically balance your underwater system.


Performances at a glance

  • standardized format for C260 module and Hydro Hull
  • two different sizes available
  • adjust the center of buoyancy perfectly to your needs
  • robust and adaptable
  • highly resilient
  • easy to use, equipped with bayonet lock

The high flexibility of our platform allows you to arrange the modules individually to adjust the center of buoyancy perfectly to your needs. The buoyancy modules are designed for the C260 modules and the Hydro Hull and can be used up to a diving depth of 1000 meters (B1006 and B1045) or 6000 meters (B6005 and B6040). A C260 module can be quickly and safely fitted with up to six buoyancy modules via separate bayonet locks, thus generating an additional payload of maximum 6.5kg in fresh water (example application: 2x B1045 and 4x B1006).

As standard, the housings of the buoyancy modules are made of highly resilient polymer by injection moulding and are equipped with a bayonet lock for the C260 module. This polymer is resistant to seawater, UV radiation, oil and other chemicals. Other polymers like PEAK, POM, PET is also available on request. The buoyancy elements are cast into the housings with a resistant coating of epoxy resin. For the modules B1006 and B1045 the buoyancy foam HPC100 (density: 0.4 kg/liter) is used, for the modules B6005 and B6040 the buoyancy foam [not yet specified] (density: 0.55 kg/liter) is used.

LED Lights Deep Sea Lumen

Your lights into the deep

Our LED deep sea lights as an extension for your underwater systems are characterized by their enormous diving depth up to 6000 meters. The modular housing allows configurations that are perfectly adapted to your individual needs.


Performances at a glance

  • pressure tolerant optics
  • modular housing for individual configuration
  • selectable degree beam angle (collimation for spot, medium and wide lighting pattern)
  • built-in mounting holes on each side of the case (M5 thread)
  • daisy-chain connection for multiple lights
  • over-temp protection
  • CREE Xlamp High Density LED inside

The maximum light output and the beam angle can be selected in different steps before ordering. The lights can be connected in series and dimmed together via PWM or analog signal. Xlamp high density LEDs of the brand CREE are used, with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin. The hard-anodized aluminum housing is mounted in a plastic frame, which is equipped with three mounting holes (M5 thread) on each side. The integrated DC-DC LED drivers allow a wide range for the input voltage and have their own overheating protection.

Selectable Light Output Power
720 lumen
1200 lumen
5000 lumen


Build-In Constant Current DC-DC Driver

Input Voltage

High Efficiency

Built-In EMI Filter
complies with EMI lighting requirements (EN55015)

PWM Dimming Controls
logic low 0–0,6V / logic high 2,5–6V

PWM Dimming Frequency

Input Current Shutdown
< 1mA

Over Temperature Shut Down
at 150°C

Ethernet-Switch ND-SW5x1G

Your expandable nervous system

The ND-SW5x1G is a pressure-tolerant designed ethernet switch for your underwater system. Each port is rated for speeds up to 1Gbit/s.


Performances at a glance

  • standardized format for C260 module
  • 5 + 1 Ports
  • PoE+ standard
  • long-range data transmission
  • pressure tolerant design
  • robust and adaptable
  • highly resilient
  • easy to use, equipped with bayonet lock

You can optionally connect a fibre-optic umbilical with a similar speed rating for long-range and undisturbed data transmission from your underwater system to your surface/deck-unit. Even when streaming multiple videos in 4K, you won’t worry about your bandwidth. The established network is the nervous system of your underwater system.

The pressure tolerant design is rated for pressures up to 600 bar. Each port is capable of transmitting power in PoE+-standard, so there is no need to add an additional power line for most modules on your underwater system. The switching module itself is connected with a power line and acts therefore as a power-node for more demanding operations.

With ND-SW5x1G you can build and extend the communication network of your underwater system easily for allowing the addition of nearly unlimited number of modules to it. The refit and integration of new modules to your underwater system, equipped with ND-SW5x1G, is far easier and more convenient: plug any suitable device in and you are done.

You can also integrate third-party devices into your underwater system, that are not listed yet. For this you can use ND-NA10/100.

Speed Rating

5 + 1 fiber

0.6A per port up to 30W

Ethernet Adapter ND-NA10/100

Your pressure-tolerant network interface

The ND-NA10/100 is a pressure-tolerant designed ethernet adapter. It is suited for data-rates up to 100Mbit/s. The adapter is the backbone of our network-communication.


Performances at a glance

  • long-range data transmission
  • PoE+ standard
  • pressure tolerant design
  • microcontroller included
  • integrate of third-party devices
  • provide various protocols
  • GPIOs

Most of our modules use one of these to integrate into your underwater system-network. Additionally, you can use this module to integrate a vast majority of third-party devices into our system. For that the network-adapter contains a freely programmable micro-controller.

The nucleus of our network-adapter is the duality of Ethernet-PHY and micro-controller. While the PHY establishes the connection to the network, the micro-controller holds all necessary data like IP or MAC-Address. Additionally, you can use the provided pin header to integrate a variety of third-party devices. We provide connection over UART, I2C, and SPI protocols. Additionally, the ND-NA10/100 is equipped with some GPIOs for analog and digital in- and output.

The network-adapter can be powered in PoE+-standard via ND-SW5x1G.

Integrate your own developed sensors and third-party devices into your underwater system. All you have to do is to program the network adapter like any common Arduino or STM32 and you are ready to go. Alternatively, we can do that for you, just contact us.

Speed Rating


0.6A up to 30W



Control Interface

Your easy-to-use interaction-tool “Apollon”

The control interface is a program, that allows you to interact with your underwater system via any desktop-PC. Just connect to the network via ND-SW5x1G and you are ready to go.


Performances at a glance

  • interact via any desktop-PC
  • configure and control your underwater system
  • data logging
  • movement control
  • high performance for video-live-stream
  • different user interfaces

With Apollon you are capable of configure and control every aspect of your underwater system. It provides a live-stream and recording of video-feeds, sensor-logging and direct movement-control via the input-system of your choice. Its purpose is to provide an easy-to-use platform to your underwater system. We want you to worry about the mission, not the software.

The software is capable of scanning the network and identify any connected device in it. Also you can use it to reconfigure the software of already connected devices without the need to disassemble the whole structure. We want to address every user from interested tenth-grader to weather-rugged, 20-years-experienced ROV-operator. Because of that our software is providing three user-interfaces: “Normal”, which contains all features you need to control a connected device but nothing more. “Advanced”, where you can arrange the GUI and other interfacing options. And last but not least “Expert”, where you can manipulate and reconfigure your complete interaction-tool.